TOP 20 Places to Visit in Pithoragarh


Munsiyari Tourism

Often referred to as “Little Kashmir”, Munsiyari is a cosy hamlet located in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand. Situated at an altitude of 2298 metres, the pretty little hill town is known for its panorama of snow-capped Himalayan Range and some adventurous trekking trails.

Perched between the borders of India, Tibet and Nepal, Munsiyari is a base for three glaciers namely Namik, Milam and Ralam Glaciers. The scenic village is often seen romancing with brilliant weather throughout the year and the stunning backdrop of Panchachuli (the five peaks), Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot. Also dubbed ‘Gateway to Johar Valley’, Munsiyari is the starting point of Johar Valley which was the ancient trade route between Tibet and India.



Chandak, Pithoragarh Overview

Chandak is a hill with an opportunity for a small trek situated on the north side of the Soar Valley. Located at a distance of 8 km from Pithoragarh, this beautiful place also offers its visitors a taste of adventure in form of hang gliding.

Apart from this, the Mostamanu Temple is also found here almost 2 kms away on foot. This temple attracts a lot of visitors during August and September when a fair is organized.

3.Kafini Glacier track

Kafni Glacier Trek, Pithoragarh Overview

The scenic beauty and the tranquility prevailing in this region has an unbeatable charm. The Kaphini (Kafni) Glacier lies left of the Pindar Valley below the famous peak of Nandakot.

As compared to Pindar the valley is much broader and the rhododendron (burans) that blooms here is spectacularly beautiful. The main Himalayan summits visible from the glacier are Nandakot (6860 m) and Nandabhnar (6236 m).

4.Askot Sanctuary

Askot Sanctuary, Pithoragarh Overview

A heaven for wildlife lovers and botany enthusiast, Askot sanctuary is adorned with wide range of flora and fauna. Located at the height of 5412 m and at a distance of 54 km from Pithoragarh, this place is bounded by rich and gorgeous surroundings.

One can witness vivid kinds of animals like chirs, pheasants, koklas, bharals, Himalayan black bear, chukors, snow leopards and musk deers etc. Apart from inhabiting wildlife, Askot is also dotted with many temples.


Didihat, Pithoragarh Overview

Tucked away in the eastern corner of Uttarakhand, Didihat is a wondrous and pristine hillock full of natural beauty. The place is known for its ruins of forts and temples belonging to an era gone by as well for being a halting point on the Kailash Mansoravar Yatra. Situated at an altitude of 1800 meters in the Pithoragarh district of eastern Uttarakhand, Didihat is blessed with infinite natural beauty and some great viewpoints of the Mighty Himalayas.

The small hillock is a wonderful little town brimming with greenery, beautiful landscapes and a peaceful charm. Didihat also has some remnants of its glorious past in the ruins of the forts and temples belonging to the Doti and Chand Rulers who ruled the lands some centuries ago. Didihat lies on the famous pilgrimage route of Kailash Mansoravar and is known to provide some amazing views of mighty Himalayan peaks such as Panchachuli and Trishul Peaks. Being here one can totally escape the rigors and stress of normal life and rejuvenate one_ã_s soul and enthusiasm for life.


Gangolihat, Pithoragarh Overview

A small Himalayan hill town, Gangolihat is particularly famous for hosting the Shakti Peethas of Goddess Kali. It is a very small town which is located near important tourist spots such as Patal Bhuveneshwar, Binsar and Abott Mount. The place is also famous for many other temples that are scattered all over this small town. Perched at an altitude of 1800 meters above ground in the scenic Himalayan vista, it is a place of true worship and natural wonders.

The small, quaint town is loved by devotees and travelers. It is a wonderful place to get some mighty and wide views of the Himalayan panorama and of peaks such as Panchchuli and Kailash. Patal Bhuvaneshwar a very famous tourist spot known for its deep caves underground is another of the major attractions at Gangolihat. All in all it is a wonderful location 82 km away from Pithoragarh for a day long excursion to explore the Himalayan vista and its many ways of life.

7. Nagamadir Berinag

Berinag, Patal Bhuvaneshwar Overview

Amidst the mighty Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas of Uttarakhand, Berinag sits quietly in its serene solitude. The small village town is the perfect place to answer the mountains call and reconnect with nature. Nature’s bounty awaits you in this mountainous hamlet with absolutely breathtaking views of the Himalayas and lovely hilly roads to explore. From here, you can see some of the best jewels in the crown of the Himalayas like Nanda Devi, Trishul and some more. The Nepal Himalayas are visible too – even though distant and blurry.

Berinag once used to be a colonial establishment. The emerald tea gardens spread across the village town is ample proof for that. With so much green, cool misty weather and the apparent tranquillity of the mountains, Berinag is a perfect place to relax and unwind for a couple of days. Albeit it does not have many tourist spots to hop around and visit, it is in itself quite enough to charm the travellers over a weekend.

Contrary to the hustle and bustle of the city hill stations that Uttarakhand is so famous for, Berinag sits secluded with its mesmerising natural appeal and bunches of snake legends. In fact, the whole origin of the name Berinag is related to these stories and myths. The word nag in Sanskrit means snake. And true to its name, the place has got a temple called Nag Devta which is dedicated to the serpent avatar of Lord Vishnu. There are other stories about this place as well.

8.Narayan Ashram

Narayan Ashram, Kumaon Overview

Imagine Zen, nature, culture, and some light literature meeting for an early brunch in the hills. Now imagine you joining them. This is the only perfect way to describe a visit to the Narayan Ashram.

While sometimes in the hill you may find the silence too eerie to handle on your own, the Ashram makes one celebrate the silence. The blooms around the Ashram are in full strength, while the Ashram itself houses a library and a meditation room as well. The socio-education centre is a place where you can learn in the lap of serenity and nature, and makes your trip a well rounded one.

9.Kapilaswar cave

Kapilaswar Cave, Pithoragarh Overview

This is a cave temple dedicated to Lord Mahadev and offers breathtaking views of Soar Valley and equally bewitching sight of snow covered peaks of the great Himalayas.

Situated 3 km from Pithoragarh, the cave houses many tunnels to the temple which are closed. To worship the deity placed in the complex, one has to travel 10 m into the cave. Another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is also situated there about half km away.

10.Dhwaj Tempe

Dhwaj Temple, Pithoragarh Overview

Surrounded by a view majestic Himalayas, which is so captivating that it works wonder with the spirituality of the temple. Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Maa Jayanti, this well known pilgrimage lies at a distance of 10 km from Pithoragarh by road.

There is also an option of hiking to this place by covering a distance of 4 kms.

11.Thal Kedar

Thal Kedar, Pithoragarh Overview

A holy place dedicated to Lord Shiva is also known for its mesmerizing beauty and spell binding surroundings. Located 15 km from the town, this temple can only be reached by trekking either from Pithoragarh or from Nakuleshwar Temple.

Thal Kedar is situated at an altitude of 2000 m and attracts large number of devotees during Shivratri.

12.Pithoragarh Fort

Pithoragarh Fort, Pithoragarh Overview

Pithoragarh Fort is one of the most sought after destination of this town. Located in the proximity to the place, this fort affords spectacular views of the Kali Kumaon.

As per the records, this fort was established in year 1789 by Gorkhas after the invasion of town.

13.Purana Bazar

Purana Bazaar, Pithoragarh Overview

Resplendent with various kinds of arts and crafts, Pithoragarh Purana Bazar is a shopping center that cannot be missed by visitors.

14.Cinema Line

Cinema Line, Pithoragarh Overview

Shopping in Cinema Line in Pithoragarh is a magical experience, to say the least. Travelers can find everything there ranging from local handloom and handicrafts, brass items to woolen garments. One can also find various artefacts made of aipan (alpana), clay idols, jatra masks and rugs and carpets.

15.Nakuleshwara Temple

Nakuleshwara Temple, Pithoragarh Overview

Situated 10 km from the town, this temple has a very fascinating story attached to it. It is said that this temple was built by the last two Pandavas namely Nakula and Sahadev and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

With an aura of tranquility, the temple is constructed in Khajuraho style consisted of 38 stone images of different Gods which are deteriorating fast.

16.Arjuneswar Temple

Arjuneswar Temple, Pithoragarh Overview

Another temple once again dedicated to Lord Shiva is believed to be built by one of the Pandavas named Arjuna. Situated at an altitude of 6000 ft and 10 km to the west of Pithoragarh, Arjuneswar Temple is approachable both by road as well as by trekking.

17.Naya Bazaar

Naya Bazaar, Pithoragarh Overview

Shop for woolen clothes and various local crafts at the Naya Bazar and be fantastically mesmerized.


Simalgair, Pithoragarh Overview

Simalgair, one of the major shopping centers of Pithoragarh, will leave one mesmerized and dazed. It has an amazing collection of woolen products as well as handicrafts.


Askot, Pithoragarh Overview

Nestled at an elevation of 1106 metres, the small town of Askot is situated in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. Bordering India with Nepal and China, the spectacular town is known for its rhododendron carpeted hills, enchanting valleys, meandering streams and picture perfect setting. Enveloped by the Chhiplakot and the Panchchuli ranges, the offbeat hilly hamlet is especially popular for its Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary. The rocky mountains offer perfect trekking opportunities for both amateurs and professionals. Besides, the surreal natural landscape attract a lot of nature lovers as well as photography buffs who want to capture the picturesque landscape in their cameras. In short, the hill town is perfect for a relaxing getaway away from the din of the city in the lap of nature.